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Alpine Skiing


Lessons for adults

"Not the age is the critical, the right technique is the key"

It’s never too late to learn how to ski!! Our Instructors teach from beginner to advanced, with many tips or tricks up their sleeve to help you to learn the newest techniques. They will make sure that you always feel safe and confident by choosing the perfect terrain for your ability’s. Our Instructors are happy to guide you through our great Ski Area and show you the best Slopes!

Start and meeting points

Beginners lessons (adult green): Starts on Sunday, Monday and Friday, meeting point information board Kinderland Mandarfen

Advanced lessons (adult blue, red and black): Start Monday and Wednesday, meeting point on Monday at the adult flag Kinderland Mandarfen, at the other days infront of the Ski School Office bottom station Rifflseebahn

Meeting point in autumn will be infront of the Ski School Office on the Glacier

Prices for adult courses from 19.12.21-22.04.22


3 hours course

after 2 days

after 3 days

1 Day - € 41 € 24
2 Days € 125
€ 65
3 Days € 160 - -
4 Days € 183 - -

Course time 10.00a.m.-13.00p.m.
If you would like to extend your lessons you can do so after the 2nd day at great rates!
Courses only take place when there are at least 4 participants!
Adult Group lessons can be booked between Christmas and Easter only. For bookings before this period, please contact our Office per e-mail or phone.

In the period from 13.10.-21.12.19 we offer half day Group lessons during the morning.

Prices for Adult courses half day from 11.10.-17.12.21

Half day
2 hours
after 2 days
after 3 days
1 Day - € 40
€ 20
2 Days € 104
€ 60
3 Days € 137 - -
4 Days € 154 - -

Classification criteria adults


Level of ability



Controlled stopping
To go up with the lift
To ski on blue slopes


Level of ability

Able to ski on blue slopes


To reduce the wedge position
To ski on red slopes
To ski over obstacles (waves)
Controlled side slipping


Level of ability

Able to ski on red slopes
Controlled side slipping


Carving (long and short turns)
Pole plant
Parallel skiing
Stabilization of the ski technique
First experiences in deep snow
To ski on black slopes


Level of ability

Able to ski on black slopes
Pole plant
Carving on red slopes


Race carving turns (long and short)
Steep terrain
Demo skiing
Mogul slope
Ski cross