Frequent questions

We have summarised the most frequently asked questions regarding our winter sports offer for you. Here you will find information about our kids courses and adult courses as well as answers to general questions. We hope to have answered all your questions. You are welcome to contact us via email or by telephone on +43 5413 85000.

We wish you lots of fun and success on your next skiing holiday in Pitztal!

Kids courses (ski | snowboard)

Equipment & ski pass

Do the children need a helmet?

The ski school recommends that all children wear helmets.

From what age do children need a ski pass?

ALL children need a lift pass as soon as they go to the lift with the ski instructor. Advanced children from the 1st day. Beginners, depending on their progress, usually from the second or third day.
Children born 2015 and younger get a free ski pass (photo ID required!). Ski passes are available at the local lift ticket offices.

Ski pass prices & information

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Supervision | lunch supervision

Is there childcare for the very young?

Unfortunately, there is no kindergarten, i.e. we only accept children with ski equipment for the ski course.

Are there children's ski courses with lunch supervision and how does it work?

Children with lunch supervision receive a child-friendly lunch including a drink from our ski instructors and are supervised during the lunch break 12.00 a. m. - 1.30 p. m. in the high season and 12.00 a. m. - 1 p. m. in the low season.
We ask for your understanding that we unfortunately cannot accept children with food allergies for lunch supervision.

My child has a food allergy. Can it still be looked after at lunchtime?

It is possible for children to bring their own food and still be looked after by our ski instructors for a small additional charge (€ 5).

Can the lunchtime supervision also be booked for individual days only?

Yes, this is possible. If you are not sure at the beginning whether your child would like to eat with the group, you can also book lunchtime supervision on site on a daily basis.

Where does the lunchtime supervision take place?

If the children are skiing at the Rifflsee, lunch supervision takes place in our children's restaurant at the beginners lift in Mandarfen.

Do you also go to the toilet with the children?

Yes, of course. Our ski instructors are of course helpful here and remind the younger ones in particular to go to the toilet. If you do not agree with this, please inform the ski instructor before the start of the course.

Course classification

What criteria are used for the course classification?

The classification is made in 4 levels: Green, Blue, Red, Black. You can find the criteria under Bambini & Teens. If a classification does not fit one hundred percent, it is of course possible to change the group.

Can our children be in a group together?

In our ski school, children are primarily placed in groups according to their skiing ability. So if your children or friends of your children are at the same level of skiing, please let us know your wish when you put them in the group on the first day and we will try our best!

If the children are not at the same skiing level and absolutely want to be in the same group, then the children will be assigned to the group that suits the less experienced child.

Course participation & course types

From what age can children attend a ski course?

Participation in a course is possible from the age of 3. For 3-5 year old children there is the possibility to learn skiing in a playful way in our bambini courses. From experience we can say that 2 hours per day is sufficient. Of course, you can always upgrade to a full day (4 hours).

If you are unsure, we recommend that you first book a trial day (half or full day possible). View more information about kids courses.

What is the difference between a trial course and a normal ski course?

The only difference is that this card is a price concession. The trial day is credited to the normal course tariff in the event of an extension.

Can the taster course be booked more often?

No. The children's taster day can only be booked once and will be credited to an extension of at least 2 days.

Can our children (from 6 years) also attend the ski school on a half-day basis?

In principle, we also offer half-day courses for all children. As it is also understandable that parents want to ski together with their children.

However, the course structure is geared to the whole day and the learning success achieved in half-day courses is out of all proportion to the full-day course. Therefore, we do not recommend half-day courses.
At least for beginners and slightly advanced learners, it is important that they take part in the full-day course so that they do not lose touch with the group.

From what age can my child learn to snowboard?

In the group from 8 years, private lessons are possible earlier.

Ski race

Is there a ski race?

Yes, our children's ski race always takes place on the last day of the course (Friday) at the beginners lift in Mandarfen.

Can my child take part in the ski race if it is not or no longer in the course?

Yes, for an entry fee of € 5 per child, non-course participants can also take part in the ski race.


What languages do the children's ski instructors speak?

Most of our instructors speak German and English, some also Dutch or French. However, as the grouping is based on skiing ability and not on language, we cannot always accommodate language needs.

Ticket & safety vest

I have booked courses online. Do I still have to go to the office to pick up the tickets and the children's safety vest?

No, you do not have to. Please separate the course ticket from your confirmation and bring it with you to the meeting point. You will receive the safety waistcoats directly at the meeting point in Kinderland.
Deposit: € 10 per vest

Meeting point

Where do the group courses take place?

The meeting point for the group courses is every day at the beginners lift / village lift in Mandarfen. For advanced groups, the ski instructors decide where to ski with the respective groups (glacier / Riffelsee) and inform you the day before or at the latest the same day in the morning. Beginners stay on the beginners lift for the first few days.

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Courses adults

Course start & organisation

Can I make it in time if my child and I attend a ski course?

Yes, if you book lunchtime supervision for your child. The adult courses take place from 10 a. m. - 1 p. m. and the children are at the ski school until 1.30 p. m. or 3.30 p. m. for courses including lunch supervision. The children can be dropped off from 9.40 a. m. This means that you, as a parent, can make it to your ski course on time by 10 a. m.

Course participation

Can I also book only one day?

All group courses are set up for the entire duration of the course, so you need to book at least 2 days for the adult courses. You then also have the advantage of extending at the extension rates.

Ski pass

Do I need a ski pass as a beginner?

Our tip: Purchase a multi-day ticket for the entire ski area (Rifflsee / Glacier), which includes the beginners lift in Mandarfen.

Beginners ski on the first day on the beginners lift in Mandarfen. You can also buy a day ticket for the beginners lift on the first day. For the second day, please coordinate with your ski instructor where you will ski and which ski pass you will need. Please note: The ski school ticket is not a lift ticket.

Ski pass prices & information

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General questions

Course cancellation

My course has been cancelled. Do I get a refund?

Courses cancelled due to force majeure will not be replaced. An alternative programme is possible. In principle, all courses take place in all weather conditions.

When can a course be cancelled / rebooked?

Outdoor activities are always dependent on the weather, snow conditions and avalanche situation and can be cancelled or rebooked if necessary.

I have suffered an injury. Do I get a refund?

A ticket refund due to injury or illness is only possible with a doctor's certificate.


Can I hire equipment directly or does the ski school work together with a sports shop?

Equipment has to be rented separately and is not included in the ski school rate. We recommend the sports shops (Intersport Huter and PitzRentTal) in Mandarfen. However, there are no special conditions for ski course participants in any sports shop.

Family ski instructor

Can we book a ski course together as a family?

With a private family ski instructor, all participants should be at the same skiing level. Otherwise the course will be adapted to the weakest participant. We do not recommend that adults and small children (under 10 years of age) attend a joint ski course, as different teaching styles are used in the courses for adults and children.

For a good learning experience it makes more sense to attend separate ski courses. If you would still like to book a joint course, then a family ski course is recommended more for advanced skiers or as ski guiding.

Why can't I book a family ski instructor online?

As already explained in the previous answer, some questions (same ski level? age?) should be clarified before booking so that we can achieve a perfect learning success for all participants during the ski course. If you would like to book a family ski instructor, we will be happy to advise you in our offices, by telephone on +43 5413 85000 or by email.

Course classification & course locations

Where and when does the course allocation take place?

The allocation takes place on the first day of the course at the respective meeting point.

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Do courses also take place on the Hochzeiger?

No, as the Hochzeiger has a separate ski school, no courses from our ski school take place there.

Is it possible to book a group course only on the glacier?

No, for various reasons* the meeting points of the group courses are always in Mandarfen. The ski instructors decide where (Rifflsee / glacier) they will take the respective groups and inform you the day before or at the latest the same day in the morning.
*In case of bad weather or wind, courses on the glacier are not possible, some parents or grandparents do not have a ski pass, transport with the glacier express is time-consuming, etc.

Exception: Only when the beginners lift in Mandarfen is not in operation (autumn or end of April), all courses take place on the glacier.

From how many participants does a group course take place?

The group course takes place with a minimum of 4 participants. If there are less than 4 participants, the group can be combined or the course times can be shortened or postponed.

Course participation

Can I join a course every day?

If there is a group (4 people), advanced skiers / snowboarders can join on all course days. Beginners can only join on certain days. Please see the note on new entry for the respective course offer on our website.

Are there classes on Saturdays as well?

Private lessons are possible on Saturdays, there are no group courses.

Course times

When do the courses take place?

During the main holiday periods (Christmas, Carnival, Easter) the course times for private courses are  9 a. m. - 11 a. m., 11.15 a. m. - 1.15 Up. m. and 1.30 p. m. - 3.30 p. m.
NOTE: There are no group courses on 1 January.

Can I also book a group course after Easter?

Group courses after Easter only take place on request and if there are enough participants.

Do group courses take place before Christmas?

In the period before Christmas (mid-October to mid-December), group courses take place on a half-day basis if there are enough participants.

Are the group courses bookable online?

Group courses can be booked online for the period from the Christmas to the Easter holidays, as we cannot guarantee the minimum number of 4 participants outside this period. For courses outside this period, please contact our office by email or by telephone on +43 5413 85000.

Private lessons

How early do I need to book a private ski instructor?

Basically, the earlier the better. Especially if you want to book a specific private instructor. You can already make the reservation from home, via email or through our online shop.
Of course, a short-term booking, in our local offices, is also possible, subject to availability.

Why can't I book a (Bambini) private course online for my child (3-5 years)?

Because we usually achieve better learning success with kids of this age in a group course. We would like to advise you on this in advance. In addition, our private Bambini ski teachers are not always available, so please enquire in advance.

Is an advance payment required for the private lessons?

When making a reservation for a private course, a deposit of 50% of the costs must be paid in advance. In the event of no-show or late cancellation, this will be charged as a cancellation fee.

Reservation & booking

Do I have to book the ski course in advance?

Please note that group courses can also be fully booked! We therefore recommend that you book early via our online shop or make a reservation by email. The same also applies to private courses, as we cannot guarantee that an instructor will be available if you book on site at short notice.
When booking a taster day online, an extension on site is ALWAYS possible.

Where can I book the course?

In the online shop, by email or in one of our ski school offices on side.

Do I have to buy the ski school ticket in advance?

Yes, a valid course ticket must be handed over to the ski instructor on the 1st day of the course.

Can I pay with a credit card?

In addition to cash and EC card, we also accept all major credit cards.

Ski pass

Are ski passes included in the ski school prices?

No, the ski passes are not included in the price and must be purchased separately from the mountain railways. (The ski school ticket is not a lift ticket)

Ski pass prices & information

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Can I also use the beginners lift with my glacier / Rifflsee ski pass?

If you have bought a multi-day ticket (min. 2 days) from the glacier / Rifflsee, you can also use the beginners lift in Mandarfen with this ticket. 1-day and 1.5-day tickets from the glacier or Rifflsee are not valid for the beginners lift.



Can I cancel free of charge?

Cancellations due to Covid-19 (travel warning, closing of the boarder, lockdown in the holiday country, verifiable Covid illness) are free of charge. Provided these decisions have only come into force after booking.
Cancellations due to illness or injury with a doctor's certificate and up to 30 days before the start of the service are also FREE of charge.

What are the cancellation fees?

We ask for your understanding that a handling fee of € 10 is always charged for remittances.

Meeting point

Can I also arrange a different meeting point with the ski instructor?

In principle, our meeting points are fixed, as new course participants usually join us every day. If you or your children already belong to a group, other meeting points can be arranged with the ski instructor.
Example: The ski instructor knows that he will definitely be going to the glacier the next day, then he can also pick you or your children up at the glacier at 10 a. m.

Please note, however, that this must always be agreed with your ski instructor and that there may also be time delays with other meeting points.

Extension & suspension

Can I extend the course?

Yes, this is possible at the extension rate. For children you can extend your course after the 3rd day, for adults and snowboarders after the 2nd day.
If a group is reduced to less than 4 participants, the ski school reserves the right to combine the groups or to shorten the number of lessons.

Please note: There is no extension to the normal rate.

Is it possible to skip a day?

In principle, yes. However, it is better to attend the course days one after the other. This is because the groups continue with the programme and something new is learned every day. After skipping a lesson, it might be necessary to change groups.

If you would like to skip a day, this must always be clarified with the ski school office or the respective ski instructor.


Do I need insurance?

The Ski School Club Alpin Pitztal will not take any responsibility for accidents or injury, whether they happen during, before or after lessons. Accident and emergency insurance is to be taken care of by the participant.