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Mountaineering School


"Berg Heil"

in the Mountaineering School Pitztal

Ski touring paradies Pitztal

Our valley offers a wide range of different ski touring possibilities. Our Mountain and Ski Touring Guides would love to bring you to one of the uncountable 3000ers peaks in Pitztal. It doesn´t matter if you are a beginner or a experienced mountaineer, we have a tour for everyone with great backcounty skiing. Starting Points are on the Pitztal Glacier, the Rifflsee ski area and in different villages in our valley. The Wildspitze is the highest mountain in North Tyrol and could be the highlight of your holiday!

Mountaineering possibilities in Pitztal

Starting Point Pitztal Glacier
Goal Ascent Ascent time Difficulty level Price
775m 2,5 till 3 hours PD - few difficult from € 400.-
625m 2,5 hours AD - quite difficult from € 400.-
475m 1,5 hours F - easy from € 400.-
Linker Fernerkogel
670m 2,5 hours PD - few difficult from € 400.-
Rechter Fernerkogel
600m 2,5 hours PD - few difficult from € 400.-

Special group offer each Friday to the Wildspitze for € 110 .- per person. There has to be at least 4 participants. Equipment rental is not included.

Starting Point Rifflsee
Goal Ascent Asent time
Difficulty level Price
1100m 3,5 hours PD - few diccult from € 360.-
1200m 4,5 hours AD - quiet difficult from € 360.-
1230m 4,5 hours PD - few difficult from € 360.-
Starting Point from the Valley (St. Leonhard)
Goal Ascent Ascent time
Difficulty level Price
1000m 3 hours F - easy from € 400.-
1500m 3,5 till 4 hours PD - few difficult from € 400.-
Rofele Wand
2000m 4,5 till 5 hours D - difficult from € 500.-

Ski touring taster day

Each Wednesday we offer from 1.30pm - 3.30pm a ski tour taster day for beginners. We want to introduce you to the basics of mountaineering like handling of the skies, ascending, kick turns and alpine hazards. Course will take place when there are at least 3 participants. Price per person € 65.-, including equipment (backpack, transceiver, shovel and probe). Touring skies and boots can be hired in one of the local sport shops.

General security tips

  • Control your equipment before stating a tour (skies or board, skins, poles, shoes - if needed harness, crampons, ice pick, rope)
  • Avalanche transceiver - full battery, wearing on the body
  • Packed backpack (map, shovel, probe, first aid, thermal blanket, bivy bag, food, drinks and if needed spare clothes)
  • Charged cell phone
  • Information about avalanche report and weather forecast
  • General basic fitness

 Equipment rental ski tour per day

Harness € 5
Crampons € 5
Shovel/probe € 5
Avalanche transceiver € 5
Overall package € 15