Freeride beginner
Taster day

Freeriding is the new magic word in alpine skiing! Everywhere you look you will find powder slopes. Haven't you dreamed of leaving your tracks off the groomed slopes? In this 2 hour taster course we will show you the basics if the freeride technique. You will learn about freeride terminology on the slope and in deep snow close to the designated areas, although fun is also at the top of our priority list. Our Guides will also introduce you in the handling of the avalanche transceiver as well useing probe and shovel.

Prices freeride taster day

1 person
2 persons
3 persons
4 and more
Half day 2 hours
€ 180
€ 92
€ 65
€ 50

Important notes

Freeride route: The choice of route is always decided by us on site and depending on the weather due to the objective and major dangers | Safety first: Safety is our top priority. Outside of secured pistes, you should never be out and about without avalanche transceiver equipment, probe and shovel!


Details &
meeting points

Meeting points:
Ski school office Mandarfen or on the glacier according to the conditions

Thursday afternoon 1.30 p. m. - 3.30 p. m.

Level of ability:
Ski level red to black

The alpine equipment (avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel) is included in the course.


Level of ability:

Do you think of yourself as a capable on piste skier? Let yourself be fascinated with your first powder experience.


The focus here is to improve your ski / snowboard technique in off-piste terrain.


Level of ability:

If you already have back country experience, you want to improve your technique and discover new runs this class is for you.


Depending on how fit you are and your technical abilitys this course could show you some of Pitztals hidden treasures. Here you will also learn how to behave in back country.


Level of ability:

You have a lot off-piste experience and good physical condition.


Our guides will show you how to behave off-piste and will teach you risk management. Enjoy the freeride experiance! We will push you to your limits.