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Technique training for ski racers

Can you disribe how to do a turn?

When we asking this question to a ski racer, we get a lot of answers. Some descriptions are partly right, but never ever someone could tell us the detailed movement.

Therefore it is important that ski racers in each age group will understand, how skiing is working, which will be the right position on the skies and how to react on diffrent snow conditions. We have in our team well educated and experienced ski coaches, who have been always the opinion, that free skiing on and off piste is the basic to improve in the gates. In this case we don´t offer gate training! We believe in technique training with diffrent exercises - with and without poles, on prepared slopes and in the powder, the waves or in the mogul slope.

On our experience we recommend a 3 hours private lesson per day.

3 hours technique training
Mon. or Tue. Wed. - Sun.
1 Person € 216.- € 206.-
per extra person € 33.- € 33.-